Reviews Genpa Teknik Servis Etiler - Istanbul Etiler Mahallesi

Address: Etiler, Nispetiye Cd No:101, 34337 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey

Telephone: +90 212 359 03 59

Business type: Cell phone store

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User FAQs

This Cell phone store supports a wide range of brands and products. They are the distributor in Turkey for brands such as Alcatel, Apple, Casper, General Mobile, Honor, Huawei, LG, Microsoft, Nokia, Oppo, Realme, Reeder, Samsung, TP-Link, Xiaomi, and Vestel. They offer both wholesale and retail sales of mobile phones, tablets, and accessories from these brands.

Yes, this Cell phone store collaborates with Turkcell, a leading telecom company in Turkey. They distribute their wide range of products in cooperation with Turkcell.

The products offered by this Cell phone store are of high quality. They offer products from well-known and reputable brands, ensuring that their customers receive the best products available on the market.

There was a customer who had an issue with their HUAWEI brand computer. Despite there being no physical damage, the store did not repair the product under warranty. They asked the customer to pay 3,700, otherwise, they would not repair it. This has led the customer to decide not to visit both HUAWEI and this store again.

The customer advises others to buy from well-known brands. This suggests that while this Cell phone store offers products from a variety of brands, it's important for customers to choose brands that they trust and are familiar with.

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